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        TaiZhou FangYuan Trade Co.,Ltd
        Tel: 0576-88861678
        Fax: 0576-82507888
        Website: www.imxfeng.com
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        It is our tenet to integrate worldwide plastic raw material resource and serve domestic small & medium enterprises. We stick to the developing road of specialization and resource integration. Because of specialization, we can more correctly judge the market demand and trends to be ahead of our colleagues. And in the aspect of resource integration, we have set up complete supplier network.

        As for core competitiveness, on the one hand, Fangyuan makes its effort to be a first-class product supplier to provide our customers with most suitable products according to their products and distribution channel and the market demand change. On the other hand, because of professional degree, operation range and information resource, our customers' demands are changing greatly. So it can not meet the demands of part of our customers just to provide raw material. Under this situation, Fangyuan has decided to change from "merchant" to "plastic raw material data solution provider". Besides plastic raw material supply, we will also provide our customers with total solution such as information consultant, market analysis, new material recommendation, customs declaration, commodity inspection and logistics.

        In the aspect of the relationship with our customers, Fangyuan hopes to surpass simple trade style, enhance mutual business collaboration, and establish the future strategic partnership to create constant value for our customers.
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